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Available in person at The Gallery Shops at Stevans in Scottsdale, AZ. Treehouse Tales is an anthropomorphic, storybook style, mixed media/fiber arts/needle felted sculpture featuring a father frog reading the Frog Tales book to his son while sitting at the top of the tree. There is an owling listening intently while sitting in it's nest next tot he father. The son is dangling upside down from a branch holding a yo-yo, while trying to catch a bee with his tongue, who's landed on the ladder steps. There is also a squirrel in the tree looking at a beehive hanging below a branch on the other side of the tree.

size- 15 h x 16 w x 14 d

One of a kind sculpture by artist Tracy Laasch. This statue is completely needle felted by hand using pure British wool and sits on a flagstone base. It is tagged with a Tracy Laasch Designs tag and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. 

"Treehouse Tales" Fiber Arts Sculpture

SKU: THT167-9
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