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"Making Sure the Coast is Clear" Wall Sculpture is a mixed media/needle felted sculpture by artist Tracy Laasch featuring a colorful rabbit emerging from the entrance to his nest and checking to make sure the coast is clear before he leaves. The rabbit is sitting in a beautiful fired ceramic circle ring called a "Moon Unit" which was made for me by fellow arrtist and friend Scarlett Fiona Reed. This sculpture hangs on tthe wall and measures 10" w  x 12" H x 6" d (to the tips of his whiskers). This sculpture is Tracy Laasch Signature and butterfly tagged and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. The ceramic circle is fragile so he will have to be carefully packaged/double boxed if shipping is required to prevent breakage.

"Making Sure the Coast is Clear" Wall Sculpture

SKU: ClearCoastBunny
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