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SOLD at On the Edge Gallery. "Just Plane Sailing Fun" Sculpture is a mixed media/fiber art/  needle felted sculpture that features an anthropomorphic father and son polar bear team that has converted a vintage wood planing tool into a sailboat and took it out for a sail. while sailing, the son is fishing and catches a fish- that is then captured by a seal that causght a ride on the back of the sailboat. size- 15" W  x 16" H  x 9" D

One of a kind sculpture by artist Tracy Laasch. This statue is completely needle felted by hand using pure, high quality wool and sits on a vintage wood plane. It is tagged with a Tracy Laasch Designs tag, signature butterfly, and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. 

SOLD. "Just Plane Sailing Fun" Sculpture

SKU: 167-29
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