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Available in person at On the Edge Gallery in Scottsdale. Getting to the Roo't of the Problem is a mixed media/fiber art, needle felted sculpture depicting an anthropomorphic mother kangaroo looking down at a bunny and carrot filled pouch, questioning what is going on. The bunny is pointing to the joey as the instigator. The joey is in the carrot field pulling out the carrots.  the joey is sticking his tongue out at the bunny as he calls him a tattle tail. 

size- 11” h x 13” w x 6” d

One of a kind sculpture by artist Tracy Laasch. This statue is completely needle felted by hand using pure, high quality wool and sits on a flagstone base. It is tagged with a Tracy Laasch Designs tag, signature butterfly, and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. 

"Getting to the Roo't of the Problem" Fiber Art Sculpture

SKU: Root167-26
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