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SOLD...Badger's Bedtime Stories is an amazing collectible, one of a kind, fairytale/storybook style, anthropomorphic, fiber art/needle felted sculpture. Everyone is dressed for bed and ready for a bedtime story in this large sculpture. Featuring "Big B", a large needle felted badger, who is dressed in his pajamas, robe, slippers and glasses, sitting upon a tree stump reading his large Bedtime Stories Book to a group of eager, young listeners including "Little B" his son, donning his dinosaur pajamas; Super Bunny dressed in his costume and cape, Rosie the ballerina, Violet her little sister in her green robe and cap, and Pickle the frog. A tiny butterfly has joined the group for story night. This statue is completely needle felted by hand using pure, high quality wool and sits on a flagstone base. Badger's claws and nose are sculpted from clay and his glasses are sculpted wire. Butterfly is laminated paper on clear line. The sculpture is tagged with a Tracy Laasch Designs tag, and comes with a certificate of authenticity.  15" h x 10" w x 9" d

SOLD..."Badger's Bedtime Stories" Fiber Art Sculpture

SKU: BBS167-1
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